Throughout History, women who worked in the field of Science had to overcome all sort of obstacles and difficulties to be able to study and investigate.  What they would have achieved had their working conditions been different?

Ciencia EX AEQUO pays a tribute to these women who, having done a wonderful job and deserving to be acknowledged for their work, were ignored, forgotten or relegated to a less important status

The source of inspiration of the author was the scientific theme each of these women worked on, they are represented on 12 canvas 1x1m together with a brief explanation about the subject and the scientist in question, further developed by the author in a videotape shown on presentations. The titles are clearly related to their theme. eg LISSE MEITNER Nuclear Fision. 

The exhibition is addressed to all sort of people of any age, and its objectives are:

 and, of course, to emphasize the role of women in Science and in life.